VFTG Remembers Jason David Frank

It is great sorrow that this morning we woke up to the news that Jason David Frank has passed away. The original Green Ranger Tommy Oliver entered our lives in 1993 on the show “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” and he would entertain us through the years through the many iterations of Power Rangers which would see him take on the roles of the White Ranger in seasons two and three of Mighty Morphin, Zeo Ranger Red, the first Red Turbo Ranger, and later as the Black Dino Thunder Ranger. JDF would return to the character a few more times for anniversary specials in Power Rangers and was most recently working on “Legend of the White Dragon” which is slated for release in 2023.

While we may be a bit snarky on VFTG when discussing the episodes, we are truly heartbroken with the passing of Jason David Frank. He was an energetic presence wherever he was, and truly loved his fans as he would go above and beyond for them. We here at VFTG send our thoughts and condolences to the Frank family, and to all of Jason’s friends.

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