So Close: 1997-98 Washington Capitals

TXHT proudly presents “So Close: The Story of the 1997-98 Washington Capitals” which is a 12 part docu-series chronicling the 1997-98 season of the Washington Capitals. Utilizing newspaper and magazine articles from the 1997-98 season TXHT brings you an in-depth look at the first Washington Capitals team to make it to the Stanley Cup Final.

Chapter 1: Beginning of Change

Chapter 2: Training Camp

Chapter 3: The Start of the 1997-98 Regular Season

Chapter 4: A New Home

Chapter 5: 2nd Third of the Season

Chapter 6: All-Stars, Milestones, and Olympics

Chapter 7: Final Third of the Season

Chapter 8: Eastern Conference Quarter Finals v. Boston Bruins

Chapter 9: Eastern Conference Semi Finals v. Ottawa Senators

Chapter 10: Eastern Conference Finals v. Buffalo Sabres

Chapter 11: Stanley Cup Final v. Detroit Red Wings

Chapter 12: A Look Back at the 1997-98 Season

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