The Xperience

“The Xperience” is an X75 Productions podcast that covers Conventions featuring interviews with Celebrities, Artists, Writers, and coverage of Feature Panels.


Bringing the entertainment to you, it’s The Xperience!!

It’s been two long years, and we’re finally doing conventions once again! And what a better place to make our convention return than at Awesome Con in Washington, DC.

Day 1 Con Floor Walkthrough:

Interview #1 with Sam Maggs – Website

The Official Jersey Retailer of TXHT

Interview #2 with Jeremy Clark – Instagram

Interview #3 with Arisa Rozegar – Website

Interview #4 with Derrick Draws – Facebook

Have a convention that you want The Xperience to cover? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see what we can do!

The Official Jersey Retailer of TXHT

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