About Us

We are The Xperience: Hockey Talk aka TXHT, and we are Serious Hockey Talk for Serious Hockey Fans.

TXHT started as a podcast on the TauRadio Network in October 2015, and has been on Twitch with the podcast in the past. We pride ourselves in taking a serious approach to covering not just the Washington Capitals, but also the rest of the National Hockey League (NHL), and Women’s Hockey.

TXHT is owned and produced by X75 Productions. All content originally produced for TXHT is the property of X75 Productions. All content by other creators shared on this website is the property of the creator.

X75 Productions specializes in producing Podcasts, Panel Programming for Conventions, Film Making, and Twitch Streaming.

TXHT is not associated with the Washington Capitals; Monumental Sports, the NHL, the NWHL/PHF, or their properties.