VFTG – 1st Annual Power Rangers Draft

It's Morphin Time!! Audio Version: On the final official episode of Season One for Voices from the Grid, the team conducts the 1st Annual Power Rangers Draft. Draft Results: Brian - Team The Sentai is Better NameSeasonRound TakenRed RangerAndrosIn Space1Yellow RangerTrini KwanMMPR3Blue RangerBilly CranstonMMPR5Pink RangerKatZeo2Black RangerJakeMegaforce4Sixth RangerOrionSuper MegaforceMentorDoggie CrugerSPD Ben - Team Buttered Toast NameSeasonRound … Continue reading VFTG – 1st Annual Power Rangers Draft

Voices from the Grid – Ep. 30 – The DerpyCon Special

It’s Morphin Time! YouTube Version: https://youtu.be/0R-imqBupNU On today’s episode of Voices from the Grid, Michael, Ben, Brian, and Sasha do their first ever convention special as they discuss how they got into Power Rangers, plus many other topics for this DerpyCon special. Opening Music:"Start All Over Again" by EyeshineWith Written Permission