VFTG Returns for Season 2!

X75 Productions is excited to announce that Voices From The Grid Season 2 is coming this week! Join Michael Lindenbaum, Sasha Kaplan, Ben Taylor, and Brian Massey as they journey through season two of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. Also this season we have several intros that involve a … Continue reading VFTG Returns for Season 2!

VFTG – Power Rangers: Mighty Morphin and Beyond Live

It's Morphin Time! We're doing it LIVE!!! Join Mike, Ben, Sasha, and Brian as they do their first ever live appearance and panel at Awesome Con 2021 with Power Rangers: Mighty Morphin and Beyond. Panel: https://youtu.be/KjMZVdNYYzk Check out some of the sights from Awesome Con with these pictures of these amazing cosplayers, plus the VFTG … Continue reading VFTG – Power Rangers: Mighty Morphin and Beyond Live

Ben’s Journey – Part 11: Ninja Storm

Power Rangers: My JourneyPart 11: It’s Been Awhile.By: Ben Taylor My, my. It has been awhile since we were all here, no? Long story short listeners, a few things happened. 1) My writing caught up to my viewing, so as such, I had nothing to really write about; 2) I was hospitalised for a while … Continue reading Ben’s Journey – Part 11: Ninja Storm

MFTG – The Mentors of Our Discontent

Welcome dear readers to a new portion of musings from the grid—a ranking system where our colorful cohosts rank everything from mentors to villains to the rangers themselves. We decided, completely and totally on a whim, and not born out of any specific Jungle-Fury-related conversation to look at the great and not so great mentors … Continue reading MFTG – The Mentors of Our Discontent

MFTG – ToQger Part 2 by Brian

Brian’s Super Sentai Shenanigans!Ressha Sentai ToQger“It’s about IMAGINATION!”  Part II Greetings everyone! Yellow Ranger Brian here again! Last time, we discussed the main characters of the show, and a little bit about the happenings and the “who, what, where, why,” of 2014’s Super Sentai offering from Japan (which, well, will probably NEVER get a proper … Continue reading MFTG – ToQger Part 2 by Brian

VFTG – 1st Annual Power Rangers Draft

It's Morphin Time!! Audio Version: On the final official episode of Season One for Voices from the Grid, the team conducts the 1st Annual Power Rangers Draft. Draft Results: Brian - Team The Sentai is Better NameSeasonRound TakenRed RangerAndrosIn Space1Yellow RangerTrini KwanMMPR3Blue RangerBilly CranstonMMPR5Pink RangerKatZeo2Black RangerJakeMegaforce4Sixth RangerOrionSuper MegaforceMentorDoggie CrugerSPD Ben - Team Buttered Toast NameSeasonRound … Continue reading VFTG – 1st Annual Power Rangers Draft

Voices from the Grid – Ep. 30 – The DerpyCon Special

It’s Morphin Time! YouTube Version: https://youtu.be/0R-imqBupNU On today’s episode of Voices from the Grid, Michael, Ben, Brian, and Sasha do their first ever convention special as they discuss how they got into Power Rangers, plus many other topics for this DerpyCon special. Opening Music:"Start All Over Again" by EyeshineWith Written Permission