Avalanche Pile on Oilers in Shutout Victory

Edmonton Oilers vs Colorado Avalanche

Game 2- (COL leads series 2-0)

Game Recap:

After winning the first game of this Western Conference final series, the Colorado Avalanche look to extend their lead over the Edmonton Oilers with a victory to two. The first period was a very evenly matched one as the shot counts were about even with both teams having plenty of offensive chances. Despite plenty of chances, neither team would score and it would remain that way through the end of period one.

The second period is where things started to get interesting on the scoreboard. Colorado scored three times within a span of about a little over two minutes. Avalanche goals would come from Arturri Lekhonen who would tip a puck in, Josh Manson who would unleash a powerful slap shot, and Miko Rantanen who would score on a 2 on 1. Edmonton on the other hand just couldn’t get anything going offensively. After two periods, the Avalanche would have a 3-0 lead heading into the third and final period.

It was a mostly quiet third period until Nathan MacKinnon would blast a one timer on the power play at the 15:20 mark. After that goal, it would be smooth sailing for Colorado as they would shut down the Oilers and go on to win 4-0. Avalanche goalie Pavel Francouz made 24 saves to earn the shutout. This series now moves to Edmonton on Saturday night as the Oilers hope to get back in this best of seven series.


Edmonton Oilers

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Colorado Avalanche

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Game Highlights

First Period

*No goals were scored

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Second Period

GOAL (COL) 3:58- Artturi Lekhonen (Nazem Kadri, Miko Rantanen)

GOAL (COL) 4:13- Josh Manson (Nazem Kadri, Arturri Lekhonen)

GOAL (COL) 6:02- Miko Rantanen (Nazem Kadri, Gabriel Landeskog)

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Third Period

Power Play GOAL (COL) 15:20- Nathan MacKinnon (Cale Makar)

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Final Stats

Power Play0/21/7

Next Up: Game 3- Colorado Avalanche @ Edmonton Oilers, Saturday 6/4/22 8pm EST/5pm PST

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