TXHT Documentary in the Works

X75 Productions presents a TXHT documentary with “Road to Canada”.

X75 Productions is proud to announce “Road to Canada” as the first documentary through TXHT. “Road to Canada” will follow Michael Lindenbaum, Christopher “Shaggy” Vasilas, and Claude Williams as they travel from the DMV to Brantford, Ontario, Canada to play in the Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament (WGSHT) as part of the View Askew Street Hockey League (VASHL).

In “Road to Canada” you will get insights from Michael, Shaggy, and Claude as they prepare, travel to and from, participate, and wrap up from their time in Brantford. Also, highlights from the WGSHT, plus insights from members of the VASHL, amongst others, will be featured in the documentary.

Also, as part of the filming process for “Road to Canada”, all games featuring Michael, Shaggy, and Claude will be live streamed on Twitch at Twitch.tv/TheMichaelX75.

A release date for the documentary will be announced at a later time.

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