TXHT Jersey Share – Quackin USA

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of TXHT Jersey Share where today we take a look at the Team Hendrix USA jersey from D2: The Mighty Ducks.

This jersey is a very hard to find, and honestly the only way to get one is by getting a knockoff. This one I found on Amazon and there were about three different versions too. The one pictured above and below is the one I ordered because it was the most film accurate of the three that I saw on Amazon.

One of the biggest takeaways for me was getting “HENDRIX” on the sleeve. That was important to me because it was on the jerseys in the movie.

For a knockoff it looks pretty solid. The colors are correct and the stars are the right sizes and in the correct places which is good. The fight strap is your standard skinny knockoff strap, and the sizing for the jersey is very slim. I got a large and it feels a tad tight on me. I don’t know if this jersey can still be found on Amazon or not, but it was worth the buy in my book.

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