Devils Weekly: 10 Games of Futility

In case you haven’t realized, the New Jersey Devils are on a 10 game losing streak. Their record in games lately are (0-9-1). New Jersey has gone pointless in all games except the shootout loss tonight to the Philadelphia Flyers. The game against the Flyers should’ve been the end of the losing streak. No question about that. New Jersey had a 3-1 lead in the third period and couldn’t hold a lead against a fellow division rival who also isn’t going anywhere this season either. I mean yeah they got a point out of it but they clearly should’ve won this game.

I’ve said this before and we all realize this, the Devils are in a rebuilding mode. However, the last 10 games have really been inexcusable. In no way am I saying that a rebuilding team should’ve won every game but, there were definitely games they like tonight where they should’ve won or at least showed up to play & put in a much better effort. Another example is the game against the Penguins on April 20th where they almost came back from being down 6-0 going into the third period. I mean that’s nice they almost made the game interesting but, where was that effort before? I’m starting to wonder in a way if New Jersey is tanking to get a higher pick. That’s just speculation on my part but the way they’ve been playing makes you wonder. They certainly won’t get one considering the new rule changes to the draft lottery.

Regardless of rebuilding or not, you need to play with a sense of pride, passion, hard work, and effort! The reality is the schedule is still going to be tough going forward as the season is almost over. New Jersey has four more games with the Flyers, two against the Bruins, and two against the Islanders. What I want to see the rest of the season is more energy, effort, and at least end things on a positive note going into next season. I also want to see more of Nolan Foote and other young players get their chance to play and show what they got. Maybe they can inject some of that energy into the lineup and help end the season on a strong note. Hopefully the Devils can get things together soon as we all want to see them become Stanley Cup contenders again.

See you next week Devils fans!

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