Devils Weekly: 4 Weeks of Pain Left to Go

This week was another tough week for the New Jersey Devils. But let’s be honest, we all realistically knew this season was going to be rough despite a good start to it. Remember, it’s not how you start…it’s how you finish! Since that good start, the Devils unraveled and showed that this rebuild is going to take some time before making the playoffs and then contending for a Stanley Cup. I expected there to be pain and pain there is and it’s here to stay the rest of this season for the next four weeks. This week saw the Devils trade their best pure goal scorer, native New Jerseyan, and a great asset on and off in the ice in Kyle Palmieri. They also traded longtime New Jersey Devils center man Travis Zajac would recently reached the 1,000 game plateau all in a Devils uniform.

The reality of it is this was a trade that needed to happen. However, as a Devils fan and someone that covers the team, it was still a tough pill to swallow. Palmieri since he arrived from the Anaheim Ducks in a trade back in 2015 has been the teams best pure goal score and an important leader on the team as well as being popular in the community being a New Jersey native. Travis Zajac has also been a huge importance to the New Jersey Devils and had accomplished a lot with the franchise. Both Travis Zajac and Kyle Palmieri will be missed and all Devils fans (including me) say thank you for all you did while representing the New Jersey Devils on and off the ice. Good luck with the Islanders!

I’m hoping over the next four weeks that more young players get chances to play and show what they’ve got. It’s no secret I’ve been advocating for prospect Kevin Bahl to get a call up to see what he can do back there on the blue line. I really like his potential as he can be a New Jersey Devil type of defenseman. What I mean by that is he’s physical, nasty, and tough to play against especially in the defensive zone and corners. The Devils need a better defense and it is an area they need to improve on at the draft and in free agency. As tough as this season has been and so will the next four weeks, let’s just enjoy Devils hockey considering we didn’t have that upon last seasons return to play plan and look forward to a brighter future ahead.

Quick Recap of this past week:

As I said, this was another painful week for the New Jersey Devils. They suffered losses to the Buffalo Sabres (5-3) and the Pittsburgh Penguins twice (6-4 & 5-2). The lone bright spot of the week was beating the Sabres 6-3 on Thursday night. The Devils youngsters in Pavel Zacha & Jack Hughes had a great game against Buffalo. Zacha scored twice while Hughes had a goal and an two assists. That was good to see your young up and coming forwards produce offensively and hope to see more of that.

Upcoming games:

4/13/21: New Jersey Devils vs New York Rangers

4/15/21 & 4/17/21: New Jersey Devils @ New York Rangers

4/18/21: New Jersey Devils vs New York Rangers

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