NHL Releases Latest COVID-19 Update as Camps Open

Today the National Hockey League announced an update on COVID-19 testing as Phase 3 started today.


Since the previous update which saw the number grow to 23 positive tests by the NHL’s testing, and with today’s announcement we have learned that through Phase 2 the League has tested 600 players with a total of 4,934 tests administered with the players. Of these players tested it has been confirmed that 30 players have tested positive, an increase of 7 new cases.


The League is also aware that since the beginning of Phase 2 on June 8th that a total of 13 players who have yet to participate in Phase 2 activities have tested positive. This is an increase by 1 from last update.


So in total 43 players have tested positive for the coronavirus, which is a total of 8 new cases.


Also moving forward with all Phase 3 and 4 announcements, the NHL will continue to provide updates, and in a new development the teams will not be allowed to announce any injuries or positive tests for COVID-19, and only the League office will make the announcements… which is really bad.

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