AwesomeMania – WrestleMania 36 Night 1

The show must go on, and the WWE still brings us WrestleMania 36 in a special two night event.


We have no idea what the matches are for tonight or tomorrow, but we’re going to go with the punches and have fun with this one.


Kickoff Show Match

Kickoff - Gulak - Cesaro.jpg

You can never go wrong with either Drew Gulak or Cesaro. Both are such great amazing wrestlers, and tonight showed why. Gulak and Cesaro would show off their great technical abilities in the ring, and a little bit on the outside, but holy cow Cesaro!!! The airplane spin WITHOUT THE USE OF HIS ARMS!!! That was amazing, and would also be the way Cesaro would pick up the victory over Gulak for the first match of WrestleMania.


Match #1

Womens Tag Titles.jpg

For the main card we kick off the night with the Women’s Tag Team titles being defended as the champion Kabuki Warriors face off against the former champions Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Right off the bat I have to say that this match benefits greatly from having no crowd. Being able to hear the Asuka and Kairi Sane be as vocal as they are is a really good thing. It adds a whole different element to the match that is a big positive. As for the match itself, it was a really solid match between the two teams. Nikki’s pure energy is infectious as well. The fact that after getting the tag into the match Nikki became the lone fighter for her team, and the Kabuki Warriors’ frustration in not being able to put the match away would lead to a good finish with Alexa hitting Twisted Bliss to get the pinfall and become the new Women’s Tag Team champions.


Match #2

Elias - Corbin.jpg

So the storyline going into this match is that it is still unknown if Elias would be able to compete after being attacked by Corbin eight days prior on SmackDown so rightfully so King Corbin would come out and demand for the referee to declare him the winner. However, Elias would show up and both men would brawl outside the ring, including Elias smashing his guitar on Corbin on the ramp, before getting in the ring for the bell to ring. After overcoming Elias’ early wave of momentum Corbin would take control of the match, but after a good back and forth between the two Elias would get a hold of Corbin’s tights to get the pinfall victory.


Match #3

WM RAW Womens.jpg

So this match being third on the card is pretty interesting. There had been rumors that this match was going to close the show, and also getting both women’s matches done early is not a satisfactory feeling for anyone who is a fan of women’s wrestling. Makes you wonder what could be in store for the women’s matches on night two.


So enough complaining, and more about the match now.  This match started out on fire as both women went to blows right away, and man was this a heavy hitting matchup. Both women would show why they are at the top of the women’s division with their battle, but it would be Becky getting the best of Shayna as she would roll over Baszler while in the Kirifuda Clutch to get the three count and the victory and retain the championship.


Match #4

IC Title.jpg

First and foremost, Ben and I have said it a few times now on AwesomeMania that the WWE just needs to take all five of these men, and lets get Chad Gable involved as well, because these are extremely talented individuals. And to prove that right away Sami Zayn. Main can this guy play the heel as he spent a good amount of the start of this match avoiding Daniel Bryan. A great moment is when Drew Gulak takes out both Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura, and when he’s in the way of Zayn, Bryan tells Gulak to let Zayn go. Zayn’s happiness is so gleeful, only for Bryan to take out Zayn on the ramp. That is some fun storytelling right there. Sami Zayn would retain with the Heluva Kick, thanks to a distraction by Cesaro and Nakamura, after taking a beating from Bryan to retain the Intercontinental Championship.


Match #5

SD Tag Titles - Update.jpg

This is going to be a fun one. Between the history between the New Day and the Usos, plus the athleticism of both John Morrison and Kofi Kingston with some of the aerial attacks they are known for, this one has the potential to be a barn burner.


Barn Burner it was too as all three men laid it all out on the line. Key moments being Morrison tightrope walking the top rope to hit a Spanish Fly on Kofi, which would be followed with a splash from Jimmy. Then you would have a spectacular moment where Kofi climbs the inside of the ladder to stop Jimmy from getting the belts. Lik how do you do that!? And then the finish. That is a first for me. To see all three men take the belts down, but for the double headbutt to Morrison and the crashing into the ladder below while taking the belts with him was so different and unique as Mosrrison wins the match for him and the Miz to retain the titles.


Match #6

Owens - Rollins.jpg

This was solid matchup between two quality talents, and despite a disqualification finish, which we’ll get to in a minute, these two did a lot of great back and forth. However, as I mentioned there was a disqualification as Seth Rollins would hit Kevin Owens with the ring bell to give Owens the victory, but Owens would not accept the victory that way as he would demand that Seth accepts that the match be restarted as a No Disqualification match. Throughout though Rollins would do a lot of trash talking as he plays up that he is not just a Messiah anymore, but that of a “God”. However, Rollins would take apart the announce table after doing a few chair shots to Owens, but Owens would use the ring bell on Rollins and then Owens would dive off of the WrestleMania sign, YES THAT ONE THAT THEY ALL POINT TO!, to put Rollins through the table. Then once back in the ring Owens would hit the Stunner on Rollins to secure the victory.


Match #7

WWE Universal

After three spears from Goldberg, and four powerslams by Braun we have a new Universal Champion.


Match #8


Ok so there is a lot to unpack on this one, but totally worth it. This was so awesome! We had heard the rumors that two matches were filmed off location away from the Performance Center, with this match being one of them. The fact that they also made the effort to make this match feel and look like a movie made this even more fun to watch. The overall effect was nice, and to have it close the show was 100 percent the right call. Loads of fun, and this is something that The Undertaker in particular needed for his character as, let’s be honest here, the character has become boring and predictable, and AJ Styles was a perfect foil for this. Overall I loved it.  I was entertained and that was the point of this match and the entire night as a whole.


*All Graphics courtesy of and by the WWE.

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