AwesomeMania – WrestleMania 36 Night 2

The show must go on, and the WWE still brings us WrestleMania 36 in a special two night event.


We have no idea what the order for the matches are for tonight, or for last night in general for that matter, but we’re going to go with the punches and have fun with this one.


Kickoff Show Match

Kickoff - Natalya - Liv.jpg

In our first match of the night two we see Liv Morgan take on Natalya in one on one competition. The match overall was short one, but also an effective one as we would see Liv get the pinfall victory to give herself her first victory at WrestleMania. After seeing Liv’s return to TV fumbled in the past few months this could be the starting point for a great new year for talented young lady.


Match #1

WM NXT Womens.jpg

In our opening contest we would see history made as the NXT Women’s Championship would become the first NXT title to be defended in the history of WrestleMania. In this contest you would see Charlotte Flair do what she does and really works Rhea Ripley and her knee as she tries to become a two time NXT Women’s champion, but to see Ripley truly come into her own in this match and go move for move with Flair makes this match instantly a favorite and a solid way to start off night two. However, seeing Flair defeat Ripley was a little disappointing, but the ensuing story towards a redemption match for the title down the road for Ripley will be worth the watch as she regains her crown.


Match #2

Aleister - Lashley.jpg

Overall a solid matchup that showed both guys working well against each other, but I’m glad that Aleister Black went over. I think he is the better talent between the two, and nothing against Lashley, Black has much more unique gimmick and skillset that makes me want to see him as a champion in the very near future.


Match #3

Otis - Ziggler.jpg

A predictable match with a storyline that’s been screwed up for weeks now. Ziggler takes it to Otis for a while, but when Otis turns it around Sonya Deville plays the distraction so Ziggler can hit a low blow. However, Mandy Rose comes out and takes out Deville then low blows Ziggler to allow Otis to get the win and the woman.


Match #4

Rated RKO.jpg

Holy Shit! This match! This match had a lot of grit, and a lovely yet violent tour of the WWE Performance Center. Biggest thing I will say is that the story told throughout this match was amazing. Plus the fact that this match ended with the Con-Chair-To which is what kick started this entire rivalry was a great full circle moment for this fantastic feud.


Match #5

RAW Tag Titles.jpg

In a good tag team match we would see the Street Profits retain the RAW Tag Team titles over Austin Theory and Angel Garza. Bit predictable for the result, but the post match scrum which saw Bianca Belair (Montez Ford’s wife) come out to the aid of the Profits and take out Zelina Vega. So with Zelina’s faction (including US Champion Andrade), Bianca evens the odds for the Profits moving forward in future tag team bouts. Also I really need to say this, but Montez Ford has WWE Champion written all over him. He has “it”.


Match #6

SD Womens Title.jpg

In a match that we would see Bayley defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against four other women, and while Tamina’s elimination would be a group effort, the team up of Bayley and her best friend Sasha Banks would eliminate Naomi. However, after some miscommunication Lacey Evans would eliminate Banks to have Bayley and Evans face off for the title, but Banks would factor into the final result as she would attack Evans to give Bayley the victory to retain her SD Women’s title.



Match #7

WM Cena Fiend

This was spectacular, but what the hell did I just watch!!??


Match #8

WM WWE Title

Another predictable match that we all saw coming, but so happy for Drew McIntyre and for him finally becoming WWE Champion. His ten year journey to this moment was simply amazing. Four Claymore Kicks and the Scottish Psychopath is champ baby!


*All graphics by and courtesy of WWE.

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