Whale Secure Victory Via The Shootout

The Whale skated today looking to move forward from the awful weekend they played against the Whitecaps. The opponent tonight was the Metropolitan Riveters. Getting the start for the Whale would be Brooke Wolejko and for the Riveters, it would be their All Star Goalie Sam Walther.

In the first period, it was the Whale who were able to get off to a fast start, scoring early in the game. The goal coming about 2 minutes into the period from the Whale’s All Star rookie Emma Vlasic. It would be Vlasic’s eighth goal of the season, which leads the team. The Riveters would tie the game up 6 minutes later in the period, the goal coming from Kate Leary. It would be her twelfth goal of the season, which is tied for the team lead. The period would end 1-1.

In the second and third periods, the goalies would take over. Both teams would trade chances back and forth but the goalies had all the answers for the shots. Both teams would be unable to take advantage on their power plays. The Riveters had a chance at the end of the game with a late power play but the Whale defense came up big and we would head to overtime once again between the two teams.

In the overtime, the Riveters would take advantage but Wolejko would have all the answers. The game would head to the shootout. During the 65 minutes of play, Wolejko would face 35 shots and made 34 saves. Sam Walther would face 29 shots and she made 28 saves.

In the shootout, it would take 8 rounds until we got a goal, the winning goal coming from Whale forward Sarah Schwenzfeier.

The Riveters and Whale will square off against each other again tomorrow at 430p in New Jersey.


For those keeping track at home, Shannon Doyle added 4 blocked shots today, giving her a total of 57 blocks on the year. She is donating a $1 for every block she records for her fundraiser Blocks For Books. Here is the link for those who want to make a donation too:


Kendra Broad did not play today, but please check out the charity that she is fundraising for. She is also donating $2 for every shot on goal for Mental Health Connecticut. Here is a link for those who want to make a donation too:


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