TXHT Jersey Share – Bringing Back the Pedestal

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of TXHT Jersey Share where today we take a look at the Calgary Flames Reverse Retro 2.0 jersey.

For the return of the Reverse Retro program this past season there were some high expectations for a lot of teams this time around, and the Calgary Flames did not disappoint. Bringing back their pedestal look that they wore from the 1994-95 season through the 1999-2000 season that the likes of Jarome Iginla, Theo Fleury, Grant Fuhr, and many others wore, however, this time they went with a black look.

One of the things that obviously makes this jersey so unique is the way the striping is done. Not just underneath the center crest logo, but on the sleeves as well. Back in the 90’s this was a very radical shift from how jerseys were designed, but it works so well too. Plus having it look like your logo is on an actual pedestal is very cool, and gives the jersey a whole new vibe to it as it’s a unique way for a team to show case their logo on their jersey.

Overall, this is an amazing jersey, and one I’m glad to have in my collection.

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