TXHT Jersey Share – A Nice Tribute to Power Rangers

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of TXHT Jersey Share where today we take a look at the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers jersey from Geeky Jerseys.

This limited edition jersey is the perfect homage to the original series that debuted in 1993. Taking the White Ranger look from seasons two and three to use as the base of the jersey was a good idea as the shield works better then how the Green Ranger’s shield would have, especially once you put the center crest in perspective. Using the black shield instead of the gold shield allows the center crest to really pop out at you, and using gold for trim adds a nice aesthetic to the jersey as well.

On the back of the jersey you have the number 93 with “RANGERS” in a sleek font that is white with gold borders. It really blends nicely with the black background. While I prefer to get jerseys customized with my name or number, or just leave the back blank, this is one of the few rare ones where having it with the year the show debuted is a nice touch given how this year is the 30th anniversary.

For the sleeves I love the creative touch of doing three Rangers per sleeve. Having the power coins on the shoulders and then the respective Ranger colors in diamonds like they were on the Ranger suits on the sleeves was a really cool touch. While the coloring for the Pink Ranger is a little more on the purple side, it still looks great.

Overall, it’s a really great jersey, and a nice tribute to the series that debuted 30years ago in 1993.

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