TXHT Jersey Share – Ain’t Afraid of No Kraken

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of TXHT Jersey Share where today we take a look at the Seattle Kraken’s road jersey courtesy of Cool Hockey.

The Seattle Kraken coming into their first season in 2021-22 the expectations were not as high for them as it was a few seasons earlier for the Vegas Golden Knight, but they looked good with these fresh jerseys. The road jerseys are the standard white with the teal, cyan and navy, plus thin red stripes on the jerseys. The font for the numbers and names are crisp and have solid look to them.

One addition I had to get on this jersey was the inaugural patch, which makes this the first jersey to have that type of patch in my collection.

Also, I broke from my tradition of getting jerseys with my name and number as I decided to get Brandon Tanev, and let’s be honest, the reason why is simple. He’s a loveable player. From his hilarious headshots, to his hard work on the ice, Tanev is a fun player to watch.

As always, Cool Hockey did an amazing job with this jersey.

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