TXHT Jersey Share – Correcting Past Wrongs

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of TXHT Jersey Share where today we take a look at the current Washington Capital alternate jersey which was purchased from CoolHockey.com.

After moving away from the classic Retro Red jerseys, the Capitals debuted their first non-special event navy blue jersey when they created their current alternates. Also, by creating this jersey they corrected the many issues that plagued the 2018 Stadium Series jersey that lacked any real inspiration, or true dedication to the US Navy.

To start off the Caps did keep the Navy base and the white shoulders, but where this jersey differs is they added a bit more to the jersey to liven it up. First they added white to the striping and they gave us a navy base for the bottom of the main jersey instead of making it all red. The white striping surround the red on the sleeves and near the bottom of the jersey looks more appealing and gives it a little more personality.

The other thing they did was utilize an updated “W” logo, which was popular from when it was introduced as the crest for the 2015 NHL Winter Classic, instead of the lazy “Caps” wordmark that was used on the 2018 Stadium Series jersey. The logo looks fresh, and compliments the jersey nicely.

For the back of the jersey the Caps kept the standard font that they have been using since rebranding back to the red, white, and blue/navy in 2007, but the only difference is this time they don’t have the designs in the numbers like they did for the Stadium Series.

Overall, this is a much improved jersey from their awful 2018 Stadium Series, and will be getting sunset at the conclusion of the 2022-23 (according to reports we have read from multiple sources with knowledge on the behind the scenes dealings for NHL jerseys) for a potential new alternate jersey.

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TXHT may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through Cool Hockey and Dr. Squatch ads/links in this article.

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