Kraken Weekly: At Least it Ended Well

This week was one where at least it had a good ending to it for the Seattle Kraken. Rest of the week was pretty tough as they were handed losses to the Carolina in a close affair, had a lead against the high scoring Maple Leafs but couldn’t hold on, and lost in overtime to the Ottawa Senators. Fortunately for the Kraken, despite blowing a 3-1 lead on Saturday night, they found a way to win in a seven round shootout against the Montreal Canadiens 4-3. Let’s take a look back at the week that was and what’s ahead:

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Close loss in Carolina (3/6/22)

Couldn’t hold on in Toronto vs the Leafs (3/8/22)

Overtime loss in Ottawa (3/10/22)

Thrilling shootout victory in Montreal (3/12/22)

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How’s it Kraken? My thoughts on the week that was

I really liked how the Kraken played against two of the leagues best teams in the Carolina Hurricanes and Toronto Maple Leafs. The game against Carolina was a close one and they were able to get by with a mid third period goal from Martin Necas. It was a good effort in this one and can’t be totally disappointed here. However, it was disappointing to lose against the Maple Leafs as this would have been a very nice upset to have. Gotta give credit where credit is due but Auston Matthews & Mitch Mariners we’re the Leafs best players and win it for them in the end.

It was disappointing to be down 3-0 and comeback in the third period to tie and force overtime and then lose against the Ottawa Senators. Momentum was on the Kraken’s side but they just couldn’t hold onto it and take advantage of the opportunity the Senators gave them to steal the extra point. Fortunately for Seattle, they were able to get the win in Montreal in a seven round shootout that quite honestly shouldn’t have even gotten there as they had a 3-1 lead and should’ve been able to lock the game down in the third period. As they say, a win is a win and the Seattle Kraken will take it.

Next week the Kraken only play twice as they return home to play the Tampa Bay Lightning and Detroit Red Wings before the NHL Trade Deadline on Monday March 21st. As I’ve been talking about this the last few weeks, the trade deadline will be sometime to keep an eye on for the Kraken as the moves they make will help shape the team going forward and in the future. It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens with this team from now all the way up until 3pm EST the NHL trade deadline on March 21st…stay tuned Seattle!

Upcoming Games

3/16/22- Seattle Kraken vs Tampa Bay Lightning, 10pm EST/7pm PST

3/19/22- Seattle Kraken vs Detroit Red Wings, 10pm EST/7pm PST

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