Kraken Weekly: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

After having a rough stretch of being winless (0-6-1), the Kraken won a couple of home games this week against the Chicago Blackhawks (won in a shootout), and a nail bitter as they held onto beat the San Jose Sharks 3-2. However, this did get shutout by the St. Louis Blues on home ice 5-0. Compared to the recent poor stretch, this week was a good week for the Seattle Kraken and their fans. Let’s take a look back at the week that was:

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Kraken earn 1st shootout W in franchise history vs Blackhawks (1/17/22)

Kraken hold off the Sharks, win 3-2 (1/20/22)

Kraken singing the Blues being shutout 5-0

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How’s it Kraken? My thoughts on the week that was

Overall, you have to be pretty happy with the results compared to the recent stretch of going winless in seven games. To quote the recently passed away rock star Meat Loaf, “Two out of three ain’t bad”. It was very exciting to see the Kraken achieve another franchise first as they won their very first game in a shootout against the Blackhawks. Philipp Grubauer played very well in this game and did a great job shutting the door on the Blackhawks in the shootout and especially their shootout wizard in Patrick Kane. The game against the Sharks was a tight defensive game all around and to the very end as the Kraken held on for a 3-2 win. This game showed that the defense first philosophy with the current team they have does work. However, the game against the Blues shows what happens when they get away from their identity as the Blues dominated them and gave them nothing to work with. They played into the Blues hands instead of making them play the game they like to play. You have to play consistent and stick with a system that works.

As I said previously, another tough stretch is on the horizon especially this week. Matchups this week will see the Kraken take on the Florida Panthers, Nashville Predators, and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Those games won’t be very easy. Next Saturday afternoons game against the New York Islanders is a game that the Kraken can absolutely win as the Islanders have been a mess this season. Who knows, maybe the Kraken pull off an upset or two this week. Let’s see what happens this week…stay tuned Seattle!

Upcoming games

1/23/22-Seattle Kraken vs Florida Panthers, 9pm EST/6pm PT

1/25/22- Seattle Kraken vs Nashville Predators, 10pm EST, 7pm PT

1/27/22- Seattle Kraken @ Pittsburgh Penguins, 7pm EST, 4pm PT

1/29/22- Seattle Kraken @ New York Islanders, 2pm EST, 11am PT

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