Kraken Weekly: Rough Stretch Continues

The end of 2021 wasn’t very kind to the Seattle Kraken and the beginning of 2022 hasn’t been kind either. Currently the Kraken are on a seven game losing streak which began against the Philadelphia Flyers on December 29th. Let’s take a look back at this past week as the Kraken faced off against the Colorado Avalanche, Dallas Stars, St. Louis Blues, all on the road before coming home to begin a six game home stand as they played the Los Angeles Kings:

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Kraken blow it @ Avalanche, lose 4-3 (1/10/22)

Pavelski 5pt night has Kraken seeing Stars (1/12/22)

Heartbreak in St. Louis (1/13/22)

Kings were crowned victors over the Kraken (1/15/22)

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How’s it Kraken? My thoughts on the week

Well, the Kraken are starting to cement themselves towards being at the bottom of the league standings for the rest of the year. Things don’t look good from any aspect of their game as a team. Anything that can go wrong does go wrong whether it’s defense, goaltending, lack of scoring, you can name it and etc.

Just as a friendly reminder, Kraken management (GM Ron Francis) took a long-term approach here with the team instead of a win now approach. Things are gonna continue to get worse before they get better. Looking at the upcoming schedule, the Kraken may pick up another win or two coming up but the road ahead looks daunting. Just remember to be patient with this team and as the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither will this team. It’s going to take time and that’s ok. The goal here is to build a team that can win and win consistently that can be sustained. Hang in there Kraken fans, the future is bright…stay tuned Seattle!

Upcoming Kraken games

1/17/22- Seattle Kraken vs Chicago Blackhawks

1/20/22- Seattle Kraken vs San Jose Sharks

1/21/22-Seattle Kraken vs St. Louis Blues

1/23/22- Seattle Kraken vs Florida Panthers

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