Michael’s Musings – That Disgusting Feeling

Hey hockey fans! Welcome to “Michael’s Musings” where I look at the past week in the hockey world and give my takes on them. Kinda like Elliotte Friedman’s “32 Thoughts” blog, but with some more snark to it.

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The Caps Do The Thinkable… And I Hate It

On the morning of Friday, September 24th, 2021 the Washington Capitals decided to bring violence to my day by announcing that they have become the first team in the National Hockey League to be a part of the NHL’s Jersey Advertising Program.

Now personally I hate the idea of having advertising on the jerseys. Last season when the League allowed teams to do ads on their helmets I didn’t like it, but it wasn’t a major factor for me. Especially since I don’t pay attention to the helmets all that much. Plus when you saw the majority of the ones that teams did, they weren’t very noticeable unless you were looking for them. As for jerseys, I’m more of a traditionalist and don’t like the idea of it at all.

When the League announced over the summer about the Jersey Advertising Program that will go into effect for the 2022-23 season they made it very clear how big the patches were to be, and that is 3 inches by 3 1/2 inches. The patches will go on the front upper right chest where the Stanley Cup Final patch usually goes. Judging by the size and the location of the patch, and the picture below that the Capitals released with their announcement, it’s not going to be a major distraction or eyesore, however, depending on the sponsor that a team chooses is another story. As for the Capitals they chose to go with sports betting and Caesar’s Sportsbook, and I’m so disgusted in the Capitals for going with them.

Originally when the NHL announced this program I figured the Caps would go with MedStar (who are on the Caps practice jerseys), Giant Food, Capital One, or even a local business, and that they would stay away from the sports betting, but instead they entered a five year contract with the Sports Book. The NHL already has an image problem when it comes to its integrity, especially with how the officiating was in the playoffs to the point that games did look rigged in favor of one team over another, and with their massive embrace of sports betting it doesn’t make them look any better.

Gambling should still be illegal, I’ve voted against legalizing gambling and against casinos every time they have been on the ballot here in Maryland, and I see it being the biggest boon to issues to not just for sporting events, but for the NHL as a whole. Obviously there are certain things I can’t talk about openly now, maybe in a few years I can, but I know that from stories I’ve been told and from things I’ve seen as a result of gambling it should 100 percent still be illegal.

Now I’ve seen the argument that has been bringing alcohol into the conversation and the reality is that those are comparing apples to oranges, and here’s why. For alcohol there are strict regulations regarding alcohol. There are rules to the advertising and rules for their sales too. There is also a cut off to when alcohol can be sold while at games. Alcohol is heavily regulated. Gambling is not. The advertising for the sports betting is regulated to what can be promoted and towards who to an extent, but after the Caps entered their partnership with MGM it was pushed way too heavily and to where it seemed like it was the biggest thing they wanted to promote, and it was very off-putting. Also for gambling, there are no real rules and regulations, that I’ve seen from the Capitals at least, that state where and when bets can take place and when there is a cut off period to when it can’t be done anymore during the game. With the growth of online gambling and the constant commercials and promotions that we see on tv and radio pushing gambling with deals and promotions to entice people to gamble, it does bring a very slippery slope to this.

Also in the argument of alcohol, there is something everyone overlooks. When it comes to alcohol, it is one of a variety of options to drink at the game. Outside of alcohol you have water and a variety of soda products that can be chosen from to drink. I always choose Sierra Mist personally because there is never a good cider or mead at Caps games. For the sports betting, there are only two options. Do it or Don’t, and honestly it’s going to be very annoying being around people who are only there to gamble.

Gambling should be something that is not allowed to be advertised by teams and leagues, and shouldn’t be allowed at the arenas either.

One positive I will say. There is a very good chance we will not have to buy jerseys with the advertising on them, and if that is the case, then I will be very happy.

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Evander’s Troubles

Speaking of gambling and issues, the NHL this past week put out their ruling on San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane.

Not surprisingly the NHL cleared Kane of any wrong doing in regards to accusations made by his estranged wife Anna Kane in regards to gambling on hockey, the Sharks, and throwing games. Part of the problem was with Ms. Kane not participating in the investigation. Her refusal in my opinion hurt this investigation because what we ended up getting was a whole lot of analytical talk to prove Kane’s innocence. It definitely has an odor to it for me, especially since it is well known that Kane has a gambling problem and has legal woes because of it too.

However, the woes don’t end there for Kane because we also learned from the divorce papers filed by Ms. Kane that Evander has been sexually and physically abusing her. These new details from the divorce proceedings have forced the NHL to create another investigation into Kane, and the Sharks have “mutually agreed” with Kane for him to not participate in training camp.

Something tells me this is the one that does him in.

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Jersey Talk

So some lighter notes here. First off I want to let everyone know that I’ve been plugging away on the changes for TXHT for our Daily’s and Jersey Tracking. I hope you like the changes and improvements we are doing. Cool Hockey has been a fantastic partner for the jersey tracking and it’s only going to get better throughout the season.

Speaking of Cool Hockey, massive shoutout to Capt. Steve (@Chamaaaglia) for the awesome trade via the Cool Hockey Mystery Box Program. There will be an article for the Jersey Share series in the near future for this jersey and a couple others down the road.

Also major love to the Arizona Coyotes for bringing back the white Kachina jerseys. they look gorgeous!

Also the Seattle Kraken jerseys are now available over at Cool Hockey. Go pick one up today!!

And lastly the NHL and Adidas announced the new PrimeGreen Jerseys that will see the NHL use jerseys made out of recycled plastics.

Will give my own report on them once I buy one of the new PrimeGreen jerseys, but until then, here is Cool Hockey’s Twitter thread on them.

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