Welcome to the NHL Nolan Foote

There has been a lot of buzz around Nolan Foote since the NJ Devils acquired the former first round top prospect in a trade with the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for Blake Coleman and a first round pick back in 2020. In case you aren’t aware, Nolan Foote is the son of former NHLer (notably Colorado Avalanche) and Stanley Cup champion Adam Foote. Just like his father, he is advertised to have a shot just as good if not better than dear old daddy. Today Nolan Foote got to make his NHL debut against the New York Rangers. What a way to start your career being thrusted into the Hudson River rivalry.

Nolan Foote’s debut wasn’t spectacular but it didn’t disappoint either. In the third period, Foote got his first NHL point assisting on Nico Hischier’s third goal of the season. Nolan Foote started a really good passing play off of a turnover at the half wall. Foote took the puck and passed it to Nick Merkley who from the slot passed it to Nico Hischier and he buried it to tie the score 3-3. On that play, you can tell Nolan Foote isn’t just a pure goal scorer and can make some nifty heads up passing plays too. Foote has a lot of offensive skills. After taking a look at the score sheet, I will say it was disappointing Foote had no shots on goal. I would love to have seen his wicked and nasty shot put on display. It also didn’t help that he started off on the fourth line but at the same time that was to be expected as he needs to earn his ice time. However, it won’t be shocking to see him get bumped up in the lineup. That one play did show he’s capable of playing with highly skilled players like a Nico Hischier or a Jack Hughes. I’m sure that’s something we will see soon at some point as the Devils don’t have anything else left to play for except to give their youngsters a chance to play and see what they can do at the National Hockey League level. Overall, it was nice to get a glimpse of what Nolan foot can do and I am looking forward to seeing what he does next. Congrats on your first point Nolan!

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