NWHL Isobel Cup Final – Pride Earn 2nd Championship Over Whitecaps

#4 Boston Pride v. #2 Minnesota Whitecaps

Game Recap:

In the long awaited Isobel Cup Final, the Boston Pride and Minnesota Whitecaps would finally do battle one year after they were supposed to face off in the 2020 Isobel Cup Final before it was cancelled due to COVID-19. In the first period both teams would go through the feeling out process, but after seven minutes had passed Allie Thunstrom would utilize her amazing speed to get past the Pride and rip a shot past Lovisa Selander to give the Whitecaps the 1-0 lead. Overall this would be a very even period between the two teams, and there would be no penalties called as the referees would let this game play out.

In the second period the Pride would come alive as they would get three unanswered goals. In the opening minutes of the period Mary Parker would score to tie the game at one. Then with five minutes left in the period Jillian Dempsey would snipe one past Amanda Leveille to give Boston their first lead, but while the Whitecaps have remained competitive throughout, they would put themselves into penalty trouble. The Pride would have a 5 on 3 opportunity, and they would capitalize on the opportunity as Lexie Laing would strike to grow the Pride’s lead to two.

Come the third period we would see both teams battle hard but Amanda Boulier would get hit with a delay of game penalty when she would close her hand on the puck in the crease. Tori Sullivan would take the penalty shot, but Leveille would shut the door, and the Whitecaps would ride that momentum to Thunstrom’s second of the game to bring them back within one. However the after failing to capitalize on a powerplay opportunity of their own, the Whitecaps would get penalized and Taylor Wenczkowski would score on the powerplay to get the Pride their two goal lead back. In the final three minutes of the game Tereza Vanisova would receive a five minute major and a game misconduct for checking Audra Richards from behind, and the Whitecaps would get one from Meaghan Pezon, but it would be too little, too late as the Pride would hold on to win 4-3 and earn their second Isobel Cup Championship.

Pride captain Jillian Dempsey would earn MVP honors.


Boston Pride

McKenna Brand – Jillian Dempsey – Christina Putigna
Tori Sullivan – Lexie Laing – Sammy Davis
Mary Parker – Tereza Vanisova – Taylor Wenczkowski
Carlee Turner – Meghara McManus –   

Mallory Souliotis – Kaleigh Fratkin
Briana Mastel – Jenna Rheault
Paige Capistran – Lauren Kelly
Taylor Turnquist  

Lovisa Selander
Victoria Hanson

Minnesota Whitecaps

Allie Thunstrom – Meaghan Pezon – Jonna Curtis
Meghan Lorence – Stephanie Andersen – Haley Mack
Audra Richards – Haylea Schmid – Nina Rodgers
Lynn Astrup –

Amanda Boulier – Winny Brodt Brown
Chelsey Brodt Rosenthal – Lisa Martinson
Maddie Rowe – Sara Bustad

Amanda Leveille
Allie Morse

First Period:

MIN Goal – 7:25 – Allie Thunstrom (3) from unassisted

End of FirstBOS – 0MIN – 1

Second Period:

BOS Goal – 2:38 – Mary Parker (2) from Tereza Vanisova (4)

BOS Goal – 15:08 – Jillian Dempsey (5) from Christina Putigna (9) and Taylor Turnquist (4)

MIN Penalty – 16:10 – Haylea Schmid 2 minutes for Hooking

MIN Penalty – 16:32 – Bench (Astrup) 2 minutes for Too Many Players

BOS PPG – 17:34 – Lexie Laing (2) from Christina Putigna (10) and Kaleigh Fratkin (10)

End of SecondBOS – 3MIN – 1

Third Period:

MIN Penalty – 7:39 – Amanda Boulier – Penalty Shot Awarded for Delay of Game

BOS Penalty Shot – 7:39 – Tori Sullivan – Save by Leveille

MIN Goal – 7:52 – Allie Thunstrom (4) from Meaghon Pezon (3)

BOS Penalty – 10:33 – McKenna Brand 2 minutes for Body Checking

MIN Penalty – 12:37 – Linda Martinson 2 minutes for Tripping

BOS PPG – 13:30 – Taylor Wenczkowski (2) from Kaleigh Fratkin (11) and Mary Parker (2)

BOS Penalty – 17:35 – Tereza Vanisova 5 minute major for Checking from Behind

BOS Penalty – 17:35 – Tereza Vanisova – Game Misconduct

MIN PPG – 19:40 – Meaghan Pezon (2) from Audra Richards (5) and Allie Thunstrom (1)

End of ThirdBOS – 4MIN – 3

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