NWHL Semis – Pride Outpower the Six

#4 Boston Pride v. #1 Toronto Six

Game Recap:

In the first game since having to shut down due to COVID-19 wreaking havoc on the Lake Placid bubble, the Boston Pride and Toronto Six would kick off the Semifinals at Warrior Ice Arena in Boston. In the opening minutes of the first period both teams would feel each other out as they both adjusted to playing for the first time in seven weeks. The Pride would get some great opportunities early on, but Elaine Chuli’s glove would be to the task as she would keep the game tied at zero. Then after the halfway point of the first, the Pride would strike twice as Tereza Vanisova would open the scoring off of a beautiful Mary Parker pass to take the 1-0 lead. Then about 45 seconds later Pride captain Jillian Dempsey would score to grow the Pride’s lead to two. However, the Six would not back down as they would cut the Pride’s lead back in half when Breanne Wilson-Bennett would dig the puck past Lovisa Selander to get the Six on the board.

In the second period the Pride would open the period by taking the first penalty of the game when Jenna Rheault would be called for tripping, but the Pride would be up to the task and would shut down the Six. As a result the Pride would strike with two quick goals as Mallory Souliotis would snipe a bomb from the blue line to grab the 3-1 lead, and then McKenna Brand would strike to gain the dreaded three goal lead. Boston would take another penalty, but the Six would not be able to capitalize on it. The Six would kill of the lone penalty that they would take, but also late in the second the Six would pick up the pace of the game as they would generate several great scoring opportunities, but Selander would stand tall to protect the three goal lead for the Pride.

In the third period the Pride would continue to apply the pressure as Sammy Davis would score to grow the Pride’s lead to four, and also chase Elaine Chuli from the Toronto net and bring Samantha Ridgewell in for the Six. However, Mary Parker would strike to give the Pride the commanding 6-1 lead. The Six would get a tally from Mikyla Grant-Mentis, but it would not be enough, and a little too late, as the Pride would shut down the Six and move on to the Isobel Cup Final on Saturday night with the 6-2 victory.


Boston Pride

McKenna Brand – Jillian Dempsey – Christina Putigna
Tori Sullivan – Lexie Laing – Sammy Davis
Mary Parker – Tereza Vanisova – Taylor Wenczkowski
Carlee Turner – Meghara McManus – Meaghan Rickard

Mallory Souliotis – Kaleigh Fratkin
Briana Mastel – Jenna Rheault
Paige Capistran – Lauren Kelly
Taylor Turnquist

Lovisa Selander
Victoria Hanson

Toronto Six

Mikyla Grant-Mentis – Shiann Darkangelo – Emma Woods
Brooke Boquist – Breanne Wilson-Bennett – Natalie Marcuzzi
Amy Curlew – Julie Allen – Sarah-Eve Coutu Godbout
Emily Fluke

Lindsay Eastwood – Megan Quinn
Sarah Steele – Taylor Woods
Emma Greco – Kristen Barbara

Elaine Chuli
Samantha Ridgewell

First Period:

BOS Goal – 13:57 – Tereza Vanisova (1) from Mary Parker (1)

BOS Goal – 14:30 – Jillian Dempsey (4) from McKenna Brand (5) and Christina Putigna (7)

TOR Goal – 15:32 – Breanne Wilson-Bennett (3) from Mikyla Grant-Mentis (5)

End of FirstBOS – 2TOR – 1

Second Period:

BOS Penalty – 1:40 – Jenna Rheault 2 minutes for Tripping

BOS Goal – 4:23 – Mallory Souliotis (4) from Tereza Vanisova (3)

BOS Goal – 4:52 – McKenna Brand (4) from Jillian Dempsey (4) and Christina Putigna (8)

BOS Penalty – 6:46 – Bench (Wenczkowski) 2 minutes for Too Many Players

TOR Penalty – 17:16 – Kristen Barbara 2 minutes for Tripping

End of SecondBOS – 4TOR – 1

Third Period:

BOS Goal – 3:56 – Sammy Davis (5) from Lexie Laing (3) and Jenna Rheault (2)

BOS Goal – 7:14 – Mary Parker (1) from Lauren Kelly (1)

TOR Goal – 12:27 – Mikyla Grant-Mentis (6) from Natalie Marcuzzi (2)

End of ThirdBOS – 6TOR – 2

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