Devils Weekly: Still Struggling

The struggles for the New Jersey Devils continue as they’ve lost 6 out of their last 7 games overall in the month of March so far. The Devils this week started off on the road in DC against the Washington Capitals suffering a 5-4 loss in overtime. The good thing for the Devils in this game was despite getting down 3-0 and then 4-1, they showed resiliency and came back to tie the game before losing quickly in overtime as Jakub Vrana scored the game winner for the Caps. At least the Devils got a point here.

Then the Devils faced off against the New York Islanders for three straight games. On Thursday they played the Isles on the road, and then back to back games at home on Saturday and Sunday. The Devils lost all three games against the Islanders twice in regulation and then once in a shootout to at least gain a second point in the standings this week.

How they doin’? My thoughts on the week:

This is another very frustrating and difficult week for the New Jersey Devils. While they have shown more resiliency lately, their struggles of their all around game continue. Sadly, the struggles are going to continue for the rest of the season as the schedule will only continue to be harder for the Devils. This team is still young and developing which is ok. I personally myself knew this was going to continue to be a developing type of year. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. This is going to take time. Once this team has all the right pieces and they put everything together, the sky is the limit for this young team.

Upcoming games:

3/16/21: New Jersey Devils vs Buffalo Sabres

3/18/21: New Jersey Devils vs Pittsburgh Penguins

3/20/21 New Jersey Devils vs Pittsburgh Penguins

3/21/21 New Jersey Devils @ Pittsburgh Penguins

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