St. Louis Blues Summary, Week of 2/21/2021

The Blues played three games this week, again, as last week, going 1-2. The first two games were against the LA Kings, and were pretty unremarkable.

The first game was a 3-0 whitewashing on Monday, February 22. Dustin Brown led the way by scoring two goals. The Blues, even though they are heavily injured, played very poorly and could offer no offense.

This extended into the second game, where the Kings again won 2-1. The Blues had a bit more life – notably when they kept possession of the puck for 3:30 on a delayed penalty. It did not result in a goal, but was pretty neat to see.

Then came Saturday’s game against the San Jose Sharks, which was very fun. It was a pretty sloppy and poorly played game by both teams, but the Blues ended up winning 7-6. I am not sure when the last time was that I have seen a 7-6 game. If the Blues can’t win every game, I will at least hope for more of this return to the 80s style hockey.

The next game is tomorrow night against Anaheim.

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