Seattle Officially Releases the Kraken!!!

The moment that hockey fans in Seattle have been waiting for has finally arrived…their expansion NHL team finally has a name! CEO Tod Leiweke and Vice President of Marketing Heidi Dettmer unveiled the team name, logo, and colors today live to the construction crew at the site of Climate Pledge Arena where the team will call home. After all the hype and speculation, the new National Hockey League expansion team in Seattle will be called the Kraken!

My reaction:

Plain and simple here…The ownership group in Seattle KNOCKED THIS OUT OF THE PARK! I love everything about what was done up until the actual name reveal. First of all, I really liked how they made the announcement at the construction site of Climate Pledge Arena in front of the construction crew. This crew has been physically and symbolically helping to build this team and their home arena. It was great that they recognized their hard work and included them in this process. Secondly, the team video was AWESOME! Leading up to the announcement, the video showed footage of the sea, Seattle Skyline, and honored the original hockey team in Seattle (formerly the Metropolitans) which I thought was absolutely breathtaking. Very well done!

The name Kraken is AWESOME and was to be expected. I’m not surprised it was chosen and it sounded the best of all the rumored name choices. It’s what the fans in Seattle really wanted as they were included in the naming of the team and was the most popular choice. Obviously when you think of a Kraken, it’s a very fearsome sea creature. The name is very connecting to hockey history, maritime heritage, and the sea in Seattle. Fans will go nuts at home games with the “Release the Kraken” bit as their rallying cry! There’s already a “Release the Kraken” shirt with the team logo on it on sale already!

I absolutely love the team colors, logo, and jerseys! The color concept is somewhat similar to the Mariners baseball team but has a more water/sea vibe to it and they make it their own. The home color concept features navy blue as the primary color with aqua as the secondary color and a touch of red for the Kraken eye on the team tentacle “S” logo as well as red stripes near the cuffs of the Jersey. The away color concept features white as the primary color, navy and aqua blue on the sleeves and bottom of the Jersey with the team logo as well as red stripes near the cuffs of the Jersey. After seeing the color scheme and jersey concepts, my first thought is “Oh hell yeah, I want a Seattle Kraken Jersey”! Kudos to the Seattle ownership group and Adidas for making such a cool and awesome look for the team. Great job!

The Kraken logo is simply amazing. First of all, it honors the history of the original hockey team in Seattle formally known as the Metropolitans while modernizing it with the new team name. They took the old logo concept and put it together with the Kraken sea creature and made an “S” that are tentacles. Inside the logo is the red eye of the Kraken. Such a great look and fearsome as a sea creature should be! However, that’s not the only logo featured today. The secondary logo is absolutely amazing as well! The shoulder patches are in the shape of an anchor with an image of the Seattle space needle within it. I’m absolutely in love with the secondary logo just as much as the primary one. It wouldn’t surprise me to see it featured as a third or an outdoor game type of jersey.

Today was a great day for the city of Seattle, it’s fans, and the National Hockey League. I have been saying for years that there should be a team in the Pacific Northwest and in Seattle. It’s a very beautiful and charming city that really enjoys it‘s sports. I’m really looking forward to a HUGE rivalry between the Seattle Kraken and Vancouver Canucks as they’ll be division rivals and are in such close proximity of each other. The Seattle Kraken will drop the puck beginning with their inaugural 2021-2022 season. See you on the ice soon Kraken!

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