Huge Announcements For The Whale

A couple of announcements came out of Danbury yesterday.

Since finding out that teams will have a set of home and away jerseys for this season upcoming. A buzz for what Connecticut will be wearing has stirred. Would they keep the green jerseys, would they bring back their Season 1 blue jerseys?

Yesterday, the Whale released their new jersey. They are keeping the green jerseys, designating them for road games and they will be wearing white for home games. Here they are:

It is a little different than the previous white jerseys they used to have. The previous white jerseys had the wave on the bottom by the waist. It would appear that the current white jerseys have a whale tail at both of the arms of the jerseys. They have John Buccigross’ seal of approval.


It was also announced, during the live stream, that Janine Weber would be returning to the Whale for next season!

The late signing for the Connecticut Whale, last season played 8 games and had 4 assists before the season ended. Then in the playoffs, she added another assist.

It will be her 5th season in the NWHL for the Austrian native. She will bring her veteranosity to an already talented forward core.


Signings So Far:


Brooke Wolejko

Abbie Ives


Shannon Doyle

Elena Orlando

Taylor Marchin

Victoria Howran

Maggie LaGue

Laurel Hill


Emma Vlasic

Kaycie Anderson

Hanna Beattie

Katelynn Russ

Melissa Samoskevich

Amanda Conway

Nicole Guagliardo

Kayla Friesen

Alyssa Wohlfeiler

Grace Klienbach

Sarah Schwenzfeier

Janine Weber



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