We Need to do Better

Hey everyone, Michael here. I just wanted to give some perspective on my views on things as when I go through social media and I see the comments, and I see the type of conversations that are being had and the blatant disregard about what’s going on with COVID-19 it’s been very discouraging.


This is a tournament I was supposed to play in originally last month, and then it was postponed to September. It’s now been cancelled and we’re hopeful that in June 2021 we can play again.


It’s a massive bummer that we can’t play, especially since my friends and I have been planning to play in this tournament for over a year, but the safety of everyone from the players to the parents to the children, and to the staff and volunteers is more important than a game and tournament.


Reality is is that we haven’t contained the coronavirus, and it’s running like a wildfire in this country. Until we all do our parts and wear masks, wash our hands, and social distance and get this damn thing under control, we will not be able to enjoy the activities and sports we love to play and watch.


So please, get your acts together so we can eventually get back to enjoying sports and, most importantly, life again.

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