Leipsic Officially Released from Contract

As expected, the Washington Capitals terminated the contract of forward Brendan Leipsic officially today after placing him on unconditional waivers yesterday. Leipsic’s contract was terminated due to unacceptable and misogynistic Instagram chat comments he made along with his brother Jeremy Leipsic, and Jack Rodewald who is a forward within the Florida Panthers organization. His brother Jeremy Leipsic was dismissed from the University of Manitoba’s college hockey team in Canada as a result of his part in the comments. The Washington Capitals released a very brief statement Friday morning announcing the intentions to release Leipsic from his contract.

Washington Capitals statement:


My reaction:

This obviously was going to happen as a result of Brendan Leipsic‘s unacceptable and misogynistic comments he made about former teammates and their significant others. As my colleague Mike mentioned, the only way Leipsic was ever going to see the Capitals locker room again was to pick up his belongings. This puts an end to Leipsic’s young career in the NHL. When you look at it, it’s really not all that shocking. Leipsic has been on five different teams within five years. That definitely tells you about what kind of teammate and person he really is as his comments clearly shows you. To quote Maya Angelou, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them”. He’s shown he doesn’t respect his teammates, women, and the privilege he had of being a hockey player in the National Hockey League. The Washington Capitals handled this situation correctly from talking to the top of the organization, coaches, and all the way down to the players. Getting rid of Leipsic was obviously correct as he’s shown through his comments and his “apology” that he’s not a trustworthy teammate, person, or a positive representation of the Washington Capitals.

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