The Hockey We Played

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, before we proceed with the following I just want to address that this is a parody. Something that I fantasized in my head because this quarantine is taking away my love of playing hockey right now, and well, I have an overactive imagination to boot and so why not have a little fun with something I love to do and try to tell it as a story. This is meant to be fun, so I hope you all enjoy it, and have some laughs. I’m sorry.


It’s Friday, March 20th, 2020 and the Plum Gar Community Center in Germantown, MD has opened its doors to hockey for the first time for Friday Night Hockey. Many across Montgomery County gather to play, watch, hoot and holler as a new ball hockey season begins. Grizzled veterans like Michael Lindenbaum, David Altschuler, Anna Blautzik, Denis Jimenez, Sina Alemi, Joe Abbott, and Kevin Miller would be joined by Dacek legends Victor Drilea and Glenn Roberts, along with many other familiar and new faces. Even Jason Makstein made a ten minute appearance!


After warmups were done the two teams were picked and thus began the game between the lifelong battle of Team Black versus Team White. Seriously we need to change that up and introduce more colors into the mix. I hear Purple is a lovely color.


In the first half of the five versus five matchup the goals would come quickly as Tim Wainscott would net a bomb of a shot past Sina to give the white team the 1-0 lead, the bulldog Joe Abbott would respond with two hard working goals to get the black team on the board and in the lead. However, the game would open up as Erik Tavenner, Josh Cook, and Lynna Nguyen would all score goals for their teams, and then some awesome passing plays between Jen Riservato and Michael Lindenbaum would leave Sina spinning as they would both net some goals for the white team. After about five more minutes of play they players would deem it time for a water break and the goalies would switch teams.


In the second half David Altschuler would score back to back goals for the black team, but Lindenbaum would strike again welcoming Kevin Miller to “Snipe City” as he would score three straight sniper like goals to give white the lead. But then an amazing thing happened! The Dacek legends would both strike as Victor and Glenn would both score goals for the black team to swing the momentum in their favor. After that Joe and David would both tally. But Tim was at it again with the long bombs for the white team. Throughout the game though it wasn’t just about goals, but some solid defense too as Anna Blautzik would be the stalwart defender that she’s become along with Lynna.


After all was said and done, many more goals were scored and laughs were had. Then afterwards everyone went to the local pub and…



Oh yea, that’s right. We’re under quarantine right now and all of the bars are closed.


Back to reality now. Listen, I know times are tough, but we will get through it. Together. Last night was something I was looking forward to for a very long time and due to the Coronavirus it was denied to me and countless others. We’re bummed, but I hope this little fantasy of mine helps someone get through these tough times.


Turn off the news and do things you can still enjoy while under quarantine. And don’t hoard toilet paper. You’re being silly if you do. Wash your hands, and let’s do our part in helping flatten the curve. Life will comeback to normal, we just need to be patient and give it time. Here’s to seeing you all at hockey again in the near future.



Oh and one last thing…

Be Excellent

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