TXHT Thoughts – What are the Players Thinking?

Hey everyone, Mike here. So yesterday some interesting news came out, and it intrigued me enough to come out of my hockey sabbatical to discuss this said proposal by the players.


So as everyone knows by now the NHL, and many other prominent sports leagues, and well really the rest of society is postponed due to the novel coronavirus, aka COVID-19, and as the days have gone by more and more jas been cancelled. You have juniors, college, and even the minor leagues are calling it a season.


Well yesterday the players proposed an idea that’s so absurd, I need to talk about it. Take a look.

Photo Credit: TSN


So the players proposed to have training camp start in early July, with the regular season finishing at the end of the month. Then have the playoffs played out, like normal, in August and September. Have free agency and the draft take place in October, then start the 2020-21 season in November.


I just can’t… I mean, wow. This is stupid.


So first and foremost, I know everyone is holding out hope that the season can be salvaged and that games can be played, even if they are in empty arenas, but the reality is that the regular season is for all practical reasons done. As for the playoffs, if that can be salvaged you just take the top team in each division and have yourself a seven game series Conference Finals, and a seven game series Stanley Cup Final. That’s it. Four teams. However, as things continue to change by the day, we don’t know how practical that could be either given today’s situation, but one can hold out hope for that some hockey can be played.


Now, I want to touch on something about this proposal. I wonder what the player’s agents are thinking about this. I mean seriously. I would love to know how many phone calls by agents to players took place after this was revealed. Because let’s be honest. I could see a lot of agents telling guys who are UFA’s on July 1st that they aren’t playing because their contracts are expired after June 30th. So yeah, very interesting indeed.


Listen, I know everyone wants hockey, let alone life, back, but right now we need to be practical about this. It’s not worth stressing over. A player on the Ottawa Senators tested positive for COVID-19 so we aren’t ready for the game to come back yet. We need this pandemic contained and controlled.


So please, stop stressing this. Have fun doing other things, because soon the game will be back. And hey, at least your favorote team isn’t losing right now. 😎


Take care of yourselves and eachother, and wash your hands.


I’m going back to my hockey sabbatical now. Please enjoy all of the other content we are providing you here.

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