AwesomeMania Weekly News and Notes Recap

Welcome to the AwesomeMania Weekly News and Notes Recap where Ben and Michael, along with friends Jordan Johnson and Matt Carroll who will chime in from time to time, discuss the News and Notes across the wrestling world.


Southpaw Regional Wrestling Returns!


Michael – So on February 29th, a day we thought we would get Lethal Leap Year, we get a trailer for season 3 of Southpaw Regional Wrestling. While it’s very minor and doesn’t really do anything in regards to storylines on RAW or SmackDown, it is very enjoyable as the WWE Superstars get to have fun playing completely different characters then what we usually see them do. Season 3 is coming out this summer (of ’94) and I’m excited for it!

Ben – Glad to see this. will be interesting to see how they deal with the loss of certain characters, SRW has been a highlight of WWE’s programming for a while, one I’m surprised they haven’t exploited more. Honestly surprised this didn’t launch on the Leap year.



AEW Notes Galore!!


Ben –  There is a lot to digest in this one. The WAR GAMES “Blood and Guts” match is not really news given Cody has been talking about it and has even dropped “The Match Beyond” in an on TV promo. Colt signing is a no brainer for AEW. Dustin and QT becoming a tag team is saddening to me. I was hoping to see Dustin in Singles feuds with Omega, Jericho, Mox and more top level talent here in his last run at things. As for being managed by Brandi.. Sure. why not. She needs something to do now that she is not accompanying Cody. Jeff Cobb having not signed yet is interesting, and his high level appearance for AEW while not under contract shows that AEW are a lot more flexible than other companies.


Michael – So I’m going to start with the Colt signing. I like this for him as it is a step up from Ring of Honor and it allows him to showcase his talents to a bigger audience. As for Jeff Cobb not signing yet, that’s interesting, but something tells me that he’ll eventually sign and is doing work on a per appearance for now until he feels it’s the right time to sign on full time. The Dustin/qT tag team is whatever, and Brandi managing them is not that great. I see this more as a way to build up QT a bit more, then Dustin goes on his last big solo run.


Moxley willing to waive Cody’s Title Ban.


Ben – So here we are. ONE PAY PER VIEW LATER, hell, one challenger later and they are already backtracking on Cody’s AEW title ban. Like what even was the smegging point given that we’re barely 5 months later? Not only are we barely 5 months after Cody made the promise but Cody has never been in a position in the rankings where the restriction would have mattered. So given both those things the “Ban” has literally never come into play. So why was it even a thing?  Also; it doesn’t even make sense for Moxley to be the one to do this. If they really wanted to make narrative storyline sense. You have MJF eventually take the title from Mox or whoever is champ at the time and then have HIM be the one to rescind Cody’s ban, having things come full circle.


Michael – I’m with Ben on this one. This makes no sense for Moxley to be the one to potentially do this. Honestly, I’d love to see this ban go for over a year and make it a central storyline along the lines of Cody being on a tear in singles competition only to be passed up for the title because of the ban, and that frustration from the ban makes Cody fight even harder to have it lifted. And yes, MJF would be the best one to finally have the ban lifted. The storytelling matters.


Vince not liking Shayna…


Michael – Oh boy…


Ben – Are we really surprised here? I mean Vince has proven that not only is he utterly fickle, but that he really is losing touch with what makes a “Star” in modern times. And he seems to “Give up” on stars at random. Look at the recent Ricochet thing. And here’s the thing, people praised AEW recently for their long term storytelling with Hangman etc, but if Vince is ripping up scripts and just dropping stars like his underwear, you aren’t going to see that.


Shawn Spears and Tully looking for a tag team partner.


Michael – So I know that they’ve been trying Spears in the tag division with various partners, but this is going to the well a little too quickly on this. It’s how we got Peter Avalon and Leva Bates as the Librarians, and now Spears’ new tag team partner?


Ben – Another AEW talent search in the vein of the Librarian. Thought Spears is a weird choice for this. I’d think with Tully behind him, he would be focusing on singles. The sudden end to the Cody feud (which seems common now, with the MJF/Jake thing from dynamite this week) really did Spears no favors.


Drew McIntyre Goes to Flyers Game, Venue advertises Scrapped Match


Michael – Good to see McIntyre at the Flyers game promoting Elimination Chamber tomorrow, but really? The arena is still promoting a match that isn’t happening. Do better Wells Fargo Center.

Ben – Who’s hairier; McIntyre or Gritty? (side note, it still takes everything I have not to call him Drew Galloway.)


AEW Revolution Numbers are in


Michael – I think this is good for AEW, but it also shows that there were more interesting storylines going into Revolution than with Full Gear which resulted in the increase in buys.

Ben – A great PPV did Great numbers. No Surprise here.


Peter Rosenberg is Back in WWE!!


Michael – I love this. I’ve always liked Rosenberg’s work over Sam Roberts, and this makes me happy. Hopefully we can get his WWE Network show back with new episodes too, because that show was so good and insightful at times.

Ben – Couldn’t care less. I find him just as annoying as Sam Roberts just in different ways, and lets be fair when was the last time you really paid attention to a preshow that wasn’t a match? Yeah.. Didn’t think so.


NXT UK draws poor showing for March 6th Tapings


Michael – This is disappointing to say the least, especially with Finn Balor advertised for the tapings. But also one has to ask, is it a ticket sales issue or a Corona Virus fear that caused the small crowd?

Ben – Honestly this happened the day that we are writing this, hours before in fact. So there isn’t a whole lot of information here.. Not sure if something else was going on, or people are worried about gatherings or some other thing going on. Gonna wait for more information on this one.


Big Poppa Pump Hospitalized during IMPACT Taping

Michael – This is sad to hear that Steiner collapsed at IMPACT’s TNA special taping, but it’s great to hear that he is doing better now, and best wishes from us here at AwesomeMania.

Ben – A day or so after he went off on the WWE Hall of Fame, Scott Steiner is in critical condition and, apparently, undergoing a heart procedure. Get well soon Scott, remember, usually you’d only have a 33% chance of surviving, but you’re a genetic freak  and if you take your 75% chance and add another 66 and 2/3rds percents.. you have a 141 2/3rds chance of beating this. Holler if you hear him!


Also we are excited to announce that AwesomeMania is returning to Awesome Con for AwesomeMania VIII – The Pro Wrestling Fan Panel. Date, Time, Guest Panelists, and Panel Room to be announced soon!


No One:

Not a Single Soul:

Cody Rhodes:

Cody Rhodes Tattoo - AEW


We’ll be talking about this on the next episode of AwesomeMania. There are thoughts that need to be said on this one.


* Photo of Cody Rhodes courtesy of AEW and Cody.

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