Isobel Cup Play-In Game Recap – Connecticut Whale v. Buffalo Beauts

#5 Connecticut Whale v. #4 Buffalo Beauts


Game Recap:

In Buffalo at the Northtown Rink the fourth ranked Beauts play host to the fifth ranked Connecticut Whale for the right to face off with the first overall Boston Pride in the Semi-Finals on Sunday. In the first period in the opening minutes of the game Beauts captain Corinne Buie would strike first to give the Beauts the 1-0 lead, however, the Whale would fight back as they would get back to back unassisted goals from Hanna Beattie and Katelynn Russ to take the 2-1 lead into the first intermission.


In the second period the Whale would take the first penalty, but the Beauts would not be able to take advantage of it, but they would take advantage of a missed call as Mikyla Grant-Mentis would score to tie the game at two. However, what comes around goes around as the Beauts would get called for body checking and it would be Russ netting her second of the game, this time on the powerplay to give the Whale the one goal lead back. Then later in the period Beattie would net her second of the game to grow the Whale’s lead to two as they head into the second intermission with the 4-2 lead.


Then in the third period after a very hard fought period Megan Delay would score with four minutes left in regulation to bring the Beauts back within one, but then things would get very chippy as both teams would be called within seven seconds of each other to cause the remainder of the game to be played four on four. However with 22 seconds remaining Allie Lacombe would score to give the Whale the 5-3 victory, and will move on to face the Boston Pride this Sunday at 230p ET.



Connecticut Whale:

Allie LaCombe – Emma Vlasic – Katelynn Russ

Kaycie Anderson – Sarah Schwenzfeier – Janine Weber

Elena Gualtieri – Jane Morrisette – Grace Klienbach

Alexa Aramburu
Hanna Beattie / Shannon Doyle

Elena Orlando / Taylor Marchin

Laurel Hill / Brinna Dochniak

Brooke Wolejko

Sonjia Shelly


Buffalo Beauts:

Taylor Accursi – Mikyla Grant-Mentis – Corinne Buie

Kristin Lewicki – Cassidy MacPherson – Erin Gehen

Kandice Sheriff – Becki Bowering – Iveta Klimášová

Kim Brown

Lenka Čurmová / Meg Delay

Sara Bustad / Marie-Jo Pelletier

Richelle Skarbowski / Ana Orzechowski

Lea-Kristine Demers

Mariah Fujimagari


First Period:

BUF Goal – 3:42 – Corinne Buie (1) from Mikyla Grant-Mentis (1) and Taylor Accursi (1)

CT Goal – 15:02 – Hanna Beattie (1) from unassisted

CT Goal – 19:02 – Katelynn Russ (1) from unassisted


End of 1st – CT – 2       BUF – 1

Shots              12                 07

PP                 0/0                  0/0


Second Period:

CT Penalty – :28 – Jane Morrisette 2 minutes for Tripping

BUF Goal – 4:19 – Mikyla Grant-Mentis (1) from Taylor Accursi (2)

BUF Penalty – 7:42 – Megan Delay 2 minutes for Body Checking

CT PPG – 8:18 – Katelynn Russ (2) from Janine Weber (1) and Emma Vlasic (1)

CT Penalty – 12:12 – Hanna Beattie 2 minutes for Holding

CT Goal – 17:36 – Hanna Beattie (2) from Emma Vlasic (2)


End of 2nd – CT – 4       BUF – 2

Shots              19                 19

PP                 1/1                  0/2


Third Period:

BUF Goal – 16:04 – Megan Delay (1) from Kristin Lewicki (1) and Marie-Jo Pelletier (1)

BUF Penalty – 18:03 – Sara Bustad 2 minutes for High Sticking

CT Penalty – 18:10 – Taylor Marchin 2 minutes for Hooking

CT Goal – 19:38 – Allie Lacombe (1) from Emma Vlasic (3)


End of 3rd – CT – 5       BUF – 3

Shots              26                 31

PP                 1/2                  0/2


Next Up:

#5 Connecticut v. #1 Boston

#3 Metropolitan v. #2 Minnesota


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