Trade Deadline Recap: New Jersey Devils

Good evening Devils fans! The New Jersey Devils have certainly been active on the trade front as they’ve been working on collecting young assets as the team is in a rebuilding mode. Besides the Andy Greene and Blake Coleman trades last week, the Devils made three more trades today as the NHL trade deadline came and went by quickly. I’m going to break down today’s trades and recap the Greene and Coleman trades.

First Trade: Wayne Simmonds trade to the Buffalo Sabres

Pretty much, the Devils traded Wayne Simmonds to Buffalo for a fifth round pick. It wasn’t a surprise that Simmonds was dealt however, it was surprising to hear he was being traded to the Buffalo Sabres. The Sabres aren’t exactly close enough in the playoff chase which is why it’s surprising that they think they’ll make the playoffs and Simmonds will propel them to make it. Getting another pick in the draft was good and helps the Devils as they continue the rebuilding process.

Second Trade: Louis Domingue traded to Vancouver Canucks

Essentially, this was just a swap of back up goalies and giving Louis Domingue a shot at being in the NHL full time again as well as being apart of a playoff chase. Pretty much, this was a minor move and also gives Cory Schneider a chance to be back in the NHL as well too.

Third and Final Trade: Sami Vatanen traded to the Carolina Hurricanes

In all honesty, I was surprised and not surprised that Sami Vatanen was traded. The only reason I was surprised is because Vatanen has been battling the injury bug lately and thought with the injuries it would make it difficult for the Devils to trade him at the deadline. Nonetheless, the injuries weren’t an issue for the Carolina Hurricanes. This trade like the Coleman trade brought back a significant young piece to help build around Jack Hughes and Nico Hischier. The Devils got another draft pick as well as Frederick Claesson, & Carolina’s top prospect in Janne Kuokkanen. Kuokkanen was key to the deal as he has shown great potential of being a top six forward and another building block to build around Hughes and Hischier. Overall, I liked this trade very much and another step in the right direction.

Greene & Coleman trades

Just to recap, these trades in particular were the best deals the New Jersey Devils made before the NHL Trade Deadline. As I said in my previous article, it was absolutely amazing and stunning that the Devils were able to get a second round draft pick for a diminishing 37 years old defenseman in Andy Greene. Tom Fitzgerald is a miracle worker for pulling that one off! Obviously, the Blake Coleman trade was absolutely fantastic as well. The Devils didn’t have to trade Coleman who is having an excellent season and still under contract however, the Devils were blown away enough to get a first round pick and an elite high end skilled prospect in Nolan Foote who may possibly make the jump to the NHL soon as he’s considered to be that good.

Overall, Tom Fitzgerald and the Devils did a great job in getting as many draft picks and young prospects as possible. The rebuilding process is underway and the youth will be playing a role in getting this team back to contending for the Stanley Cup in New Jersey very soon. Time will tell how all of the trades, draft picks, and prospects all turn out. All I know is this, the Devils are doing the right thing by getting younger and building around their young superstar centers in Jack Hughes and Nico Hischier.

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