TXHT Jersey Share – The Robo Pen

The TXHT Jersey Share series is back for the holidays, and we kick it off with a blast from the past as we take a look at the Pittsburgh Penguins “Robo Pen” jersey that was worn from 1995 to 2002.




Originally introduced fort he 1995-96 season the Penguins introduced a jersey as an alternate to their road black jerseys which simply sported the name “Pittsburgh” in a diagonal cross down the front of the jersey, just like the New York Rangers. The Jersey would mirror the then current home white jersey which had more of a triangle base for the shoulders (yellow with white and black trim), and a more diagonal approach for the bottom of the sleeve as well. The logo would be the prominent Penguin out of the upside down triangle logo, which looked rather nice for the 1990’s.




However, for this version of the jersey they kept the center crest logo intact and did the shoulders the same but with silver as the base with yellow stripes. For the body of the jersey they did something different as the Penguins logo was used to create this “vortex” as the black part of the penguin would be followed by a silver bar with white stripes, which were aligned with the stripes in the logo, which wrapped to the back of the jersey where in the middle would turn to yellow which would wrap back to the front and end with a silver “splash” as it meets the front end of the logo. For the sleeves, the right sleeve mimics the home white with the diagnoal but with a silver base with white and yellow stripes, but on the left sleeve it has the silver with white stripes as if it was mimicking the main part of the jersey.


Overall it is a very interesting and cool concept that Penguins wore for seven seasons, and the only* Penguins jersey I’ll ever own in my personal collection.**


*Personal Note – May purchase the Penguins home white jersey to do a comparison article at a later time.

** Collection Note – My goal is to own at least one jersey from every NHL team.


Got a hockey jersey in your collection you’d like to share? Let us know, and we can add it to our TXHT Jersey Share series.

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