AwesomeMania – WWE 2K20 Draft Coming Soon!

Ladies and gentlemen, the AwesomeMania WWE 2K20 Draft is coming. This three brand draft will feature Ben controlling NXT, Jordan controlling RAW, and Michael controlling SmackDown.


For the Draft, all three brands will follow the rules listed below:

  • After much deliberation, the First pick will be going to Jordan. The Official order will go as follows:
    • Jordan (RAW)
    • Ben (NXT)
    • Michael (SmackDown)
  • All three brands will partake in three separate Drafts totaling in 35 Picks.
    • 20 Round Men’s Draft
    • 8 Round Women’s Draft
    • 7 Round Legends Draft (Men and Women)
  • Only one iteration of each Superstar can exist in the universe.
    • However, whomever selects Finn Balor (Demon) and Bray Wyatt (The Fiend) will be allowed to use their alternate version for special occasions for storyline purposes only if the Commissioner chooses to.
  • Tag Teams and Factions can be drafted together or if a Commissioner wants a particular individual from that team, then they can draft the individual instead of the full team/faction.
  • Anyone who does not get drafted will be entered into a Supplemental Draft that will take place at a later time once all of the DLC has been announced/released.
    • Once all of the DLC has been announced a Supplemental Draft will be formally announced with the respective draft pools set up.
  • After the rosters are drafted, the commissioners will pick their world championship title and Champion.
    • The Third Pick will choose their Championship and Champion followed by the Second and First Picks respectively.
    • This will continue for midcard, women’s, and tag championships as well.


The official date for the Draft will be announced soon and will stream live on Twitch at Offical announcement for the AwesomeMania Universe coming soon.

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