TXHT Jersey Share – Our Turn to Host the Outdoors

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls it’s now our turn to host the great outdoors as we take a look at the Washington Capitals 2015 Winter Classic jersey.


Capitals Winter Classic 2015 Front


For the second foray into the Winter Classic the Capitals would host the Chicago Blackhawks at Nationals Park, and they would bring us a jersey that was inspired by past teams before the Capitals came into existence.


Capitals Winter Classic 2015 Back


This was a cool jersey for the Capitals which mixed a few things to great success, and for the names and numbers on the backs the material they used for the patches had a more fabric feel to them which was cool.


Fun fact for these jerseys. This marked the first time Reebok did not sell authentics, and the replicas did not have the Winter Classic patch on them. You had to by the patch separately which was a massive disservice by Reebok. Also the “W” on the crest was not your typical patch and was, and still is, very crinkly. Still a cool jersey though.


Got a hockey jersey in your collection you’d like to share? Let us know, and we can add it to our TXHT Jersey Share series.


2015 Winter Classic View
Our view for the 2015 Winter Classic.

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