TXHT Jersey Share – North of the Border

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls welcome to the latest edition of the TXHT Jersey Share series that sees us going up north of the border as we look at the 2016 World Cup of Hockey jersey of Team Canada.


Canada WCH 2016 Front.jpg


Michael: Hey everyone it’s me again. So we’ve decided to do as many of my jerseys as possible to start off the TXHT Jersey Share series since I have so many *laughs*. I promise you’ll get to see other’s jerseys as this series continues to matures.


In 2016 the World Cup of Hockey returned to mixed(?) reactions, but it did one thing for us and that was introduce Adidas’ style for their hockey jerseys that would eventually come to the NHL starting the 2017-18 season. As a part of the World Cup of Hockey was a special unveiling of all eight teams uniforms and instantly I fell in love with the Team Canada and their home red jersey.


I thoroughly enjoy the sleeves with the maple leaf at the very end of them. It gives it it’s own unique feel and vibe to the jersey. While they do the same thing for the away white uniforms, it didn’t have the same feel to me as the home red jersey did.


Canada WCH 2016 Back


Also one of the things I really liked about Team Canada’s jersey is the font style that they used for players names and numbers. It’s sleek and stylish, and it looks really good on the jersey itself.


So after seeing this stylish uniform I knew it was one that would be great to have so I actually went to Cool Hockey since everywhere else I looked for the jersey I was not satisfied with what I saw. Cool Hockey did an amazing job with the jersey as they sell officially licensed NHL jerseys, and they put the quality of their work into every customization. When I received my Team Canada jersey I was very satisfied with what I got. I highly recommend them.


Got a hockey jersey in your collection you’d like to share? Let us know, and we can add it to our TXHT Jersey Share series.

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