TXHT Jersey Share – Camp of Development

Ladies and Gentlemen, oys and girls welcome to another edition of the TXHT Jersey Share series. For today’s jersey we have one that was procured from the 2012 Washington Capitals Development Camp and is a part of Michael’s collection.


Capitals Training White 2016 Front.jpg


Michael: So for this edition of TXHT Jersey Share I wanted to go with my one and only Development Camp jersey which I bought at one of the Washington Capitals Fan Fests from a few years ago. This jersey belonged to Aaron Gens, and I picked up this jersey for a few reasons. For one, who wouldn’t want an official practice worn jersey by a player? I mean sure Gens never made it to the NHL, but the fact it was worn during a Capitals official Development Camp is really cool. Secondly, I really wanted a jersey that I could wear when I play ice hockey. Obviously a regular replica could always suffice, but if you’ve ever tried wearing one of those over your equipment when you buy in a size that you wouldn’t normally when playing, but for casual wear it can be a really tight fit. So getting a jersey that could fit over my equipment was obviously an important factor for me. However, the biggest I got it was because of the number on the back.


Capitals Training White 2016 Back


That’s right. The number 75, which is the number that I wear when I play, and have been since 2001. However, the story behind the number will be told another time, as when I talk about a specific jersey it’ll be more of the personal nature.


Overall, this is a really cool jersey. The few times I’ve worn it playing ice hockey it’s breathed easily and was a comfortable fit making it a really solid addition to my collection.


Got a hockey jersey in your collection you’d like to share? Let us know, and we can add it to our TXHT Jersey Share series.

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