Flyers Fire Ron Hextall as GM in a Very Shocking Move


In a very shocking move this morning the Philadelphia Flyers have fired Ron Hextall as Executive Vice President and General Manager, and Team President Paul Holmgren will be overseeing the team while searching for a new General Manager. This is a move that no one saw coming, and even threw everyone off guard.


To say this was a shock is an overstatement, but when reading Holmgren’s statement he states “it has become clear that we no longer share the same philosophical approach concerning the direction of the team.” This part of the statement right here has many questions that need to be answered.


Is ownership not happy with Hextall’s slow rebuild process, where they build up the prospect pool, and develop their talent to become a contender?


Or could it be that Hextall does not want to fire head coach Dave Hakstol as he sees him as an important piece to this build, but ownership wants results now?


One way or another it is very confusing to see Hextall out as General Manager for the Flyers as he has done an amazing job rebuilding this team, and it is very ironic that the man that Hextall took over for as GM, and cleaned the mess that was left behind by Holmgren, is now overseeing the team once again until a new General Manager is hired.


I for one expect more turnover to happen in Philadelphia, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more changes happen sooner rather than later.

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