TXHT Jersey Share – Supporting VV with a “Jersey”

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of TXHT Jersey Share where today we take a look at the New Jersey Devils first alternate jersey in franchise history courtesy of Cool Hockey.

During the 2021-22 season the New Jersey Devils would unveil the first alternate jersey in their franchise’s history, and to mixed results at that. The Devils alternate jersey would be a black jersey, a first for the Devils, with white stripes on the shoulders and sleeves, and a white stripe for the bottom of the jersey. For the center crest the Devils would put the wordmark of “Jersey”, which would bring a lot of criticism and jokes. The wordmark logo would be dominantly white with a black outline and red shadowing, and written is a cursive font. The player nameplates would feature the player’s names in a white text with the jersey numbers in white with a black outline and red shadowing.

Joking aside, after receiving the jersey, and seeing it in person, it’s not that bad of a jersey. It takes from the Chicago Blackhawks and their past Winter Classic jersey that they wore most recently, but made it their own. Player I got was Vitek Vanecek, who the Washington Capitals traded to the Devils during the 2022 offseason. I’ve always liked Vanecek, and while he had a rough first two games for the Devils against the New York Rangers, I believe in Vanecek and his abilities to become a viable number one goaltender in the NHL. He may be backing up Akira Schmid right now, but VV will get his time to shine once again.

Overall, it’s a unique jersey, and one that I like having in the collection. It’s customized to a player that I like, and one that I could see myself wearing when the appropriate time comes.

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