TXHT Jersey Share – Fear The Reapers

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of TXHT Jersey Share where today we take a look at the Leonardo Reapers jersey from the View Askewniverse by Geeky Jerseys.

First debuting in the Kevin Smith film Clerks II, we would see the Reapers logo on Randal’s hat. Leonardo is also the home of both Quick Stop and RST Video in New Jersey when Smith filmed the movie Clerks. Smith would also go to direct the pilot episode of Reaper, which would be a subtle nod to the Leonardo Reapers.

The Leonardo Reapers are also be part of the Original Four of the VASHL along with the Monroeville Zombies, Puck U, and the View Askew Vulgarians.

For the jersey itself it has a very standard setup to it. the base being burgundy was a good choice as it’s not a color that is often used on a hockey jersey and the black and white striping compliments the jersey very well. The logo is very 90’s which I really like. the colors might not compliment the base jersey color, but it still works.

And as always with the Geeky Jerseys/Kevin Smith collaborations, the jerseys are numbered to 420. Luckily for me, I got jersey number 37 out of 420, so I consider that a win for me because of the significance of the number 37 to Kevin Smith.

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