TXHT Jersey Share – Getting the Munchies

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of TXHT Jersey Share where today we take a look at the first jersey of the Kevin Smith Collection from Geeky Jerseys as we head to Mooby’s for some lunch.

Anyone who is a Kevin Smith fan, like myself, knows that Mooby’s is the fictional restaurant that Smith created for his View Askewverse films. Debuting in the movie Dogma in 1999, through their corporate offices, Mooby’s became a staple for Smith’s films as it returned in Clerks 2 and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Mooby’s has become so popular you can even order it on Goldbelly. Smith also does Mooby’s Pop Ups from time to time as well in various locations (please come to DC Kevin!)

Last year when filming Clerks III Kevin Smith teased a collaboration with Geeky Jerseys, and even showed jerseys that were made for use in the movie. Later it was announced that there is a Kevin Smith Collection with Geeky Jerseys, and it started with Mooby’s. The purple jerseys with the yellow and white striping really compliment each other, and the Mooby’s logos look really solid with the color scheme.

Only downer was that these jerseys could not be customized and automatically came with Smith’s name and number on the jersey, but it’s also understandable as to why they did that as it was a limited run of 420 jerseys. I’m personally hoping they do a wider release of this jersey down the road so I can get one with my name and number on it. that would be really cool.

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