Kraken Weekly: Even Steven

Happy Sunday Seattle Kraken fans! This week we saw an ok kind of week as the Kraken were able to win two of the four games they were scheduled to play. We saw wins against the Dallas Stars and Chicago Blackhawks but, suffered losses to the St. Louis Blues and Calgary Flames. Not a bad week to be honest with you. Let’s take a look back at the week that was and what’s ahead:

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Upsetting playoff chasing Dallas Stars (4/3/22)

Kraken singing the Blues in St. Louis (4/6/22)

Kraken shutout Blackhawks in Chicago (4/7/22)

Flames stay hot against the Kraken (4/9/22)

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How’s it Kraken? My thoughts on the week & what’s ahead

This week was a pretty solid one if you asked me. The Kraken played spoilers and upset the Dallas Stars who are fighting to qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs. It was nice to see them play well in this one & impact the playoff race in someway although, obviously it’d be better if the Kraken were in the race themselves. The shutout victory of the Blackhawks was a well earned victory and a vintage performance for Philipp Grubauer in net who made 29 saves in his shutout effort. Hopefully this is the Grubauer the Kraken will see next season with hopefully a more improved team in front of him and correcting his own shortcomings. It wasn’t surprising to see the Kraken fall to the Blues and Flames as they’re clearly much better teams then they are. Calgary in particular in my book is a legitimate Stanley Cup contender.

We are now in the final stretch of the regular season with only three weeks left to go. As far as next week, the earlier part of the week‘s schedule certainly doesn’t favor the Kraken as they’ll play back to back games on the road against the Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets. They definitely will lose to the Flames with a small chance at an upset over the Jets. On Saturday, the Kraken return home to face the New Jersey Devils which is the best chance overall of picking up a victory with the Devils also out of the playoff picture. There’s only three more weeks of Kraken hockey, let’s enjoy the ride the rest of the way and as you know…Stay tuned Seattle!

Upcoming Seattle Kraken games

4/12/22- Seattle Kraken @ Calgary Flames

4/13/22- Seattle Kraken @ Winnipeg Jets

4/16/22- Seattle Kraken vs New Jersey Devils

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