TXHT Jersey Share – The Heart Break of 2004

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of TXHT Jersey Share where today we take a look at the the Ottawa Senators alternate jersey from the 2003-04 season.

Now this jersey has some special significance to it, but we’ll get to that in a little bit. First I’d like to talk about the jersey itself because it is a very nice jersey. Sticking to a black base for the jersey the Senators kept the red and white on the jersey but they added gold to the jersey, and honestly the way the Sens did it was really nice, and the black accents to it really adds to the look of the jersey. This was also the first time the Sens used different logos on their jerseys, and they honestly worked out well for them in my opinion.

Now let’s talk about the significance to this jersey. This jersey has special meaning to me as it is for Peter Bondra, who during the 2003-04 season was traded by the Washington Capitals to the Senators when the Caps were doing their fire sale. Growing up Bondra was my favorite player and it really stung when he was traded away. Just like last week’s D2: The Mighty Ducks jersey, finding Bondra’s jerseys with the other teams that he played for are very hard so when this jersey popped up in one of the Caps Facebook groups that I’m in I had to hop on it. What also makes it special is that it is also signed by Bondra, which now gives me two jerseys that are signed by Bondra.

Overall I love the jersey and I love the player, and this was definitely worth the pickup.

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