TXHT Jersey Share – An Awful Alternate

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of TXHT Jersey Share where today we take a look at the Edmonton Oilers alternate jersey that was received in Cool Hockey’s Mystery Box.

In my latest Cool Hockey Mystery Box run I was hit with disappointment right away (see video below). The Edmonton Oilers debuted this lazy alternate jersey during the 2019-20 season, and you can tell they weren’t really trying here. A full navy blue jersey with a few orange stripes on the jersey, and for the logo a navy crest with an orange border, oil drop, and Oilers wordmark.

I know that this is an attempt at a color splash or whatever they call them, but those jerseys never look good, and very uninspiring. This jersey was traded with a fellow Cool Hockey Mystery Box purchaser, and you’ll see that jersey in two weeks time.

TXHT may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through Cool Hockey ads/links in this article.

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