Kraken Weekly: A Crazy Week

This week saw the Seattle Kraken pick up a victory over the San Jose Sharks, and suffer losses against division rivals in the Anaheim Ducks and Edmonton Oilers. We also found out that what was supposed to be Sunday’s game against the Toronto Maple Leafs was canceled due to a COVID outbreak on their team which shut them down through Christmas. I’m going to take a look back at the past week for the Kraken and the current COVID situation in the NHL:

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Kraken take the bite out of the Sharks (12/14/21)

Young & talented Ducks defeat Kraken 4-1 (12/15/21)

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Oilers win in Seattle 5-3 (12/18/21)

How’s it Kraken? My thoughts on the week that was:

The Kraken this past week only came away with one win and a total of two points as all their matchups this week were against Pacific Division teams. Two points is not acceptable as the Kraken are trying to claw their way out of the hole they dig themselves into within the division. Out of the two losses, the game against Edmonton in particular I felt like was the one they should have had as they jumped out against the Oilers to a 2-0 lead but let them back in the game and eventually won it later on. They clearly took their foot off the gas peddle and you can’t do that against a highly skilled team like the Oilers. This upcoming week, the Kraken only play against the Arizona Coyotes and is a game they should and are expected to win. Just like with the Toronto game, the game they were supposed to play against the Calgary Flames this upcoming week but is also now postponed which will lead into my next point.

I’m starting to feel like the league should take a little pause as a whole to get things in order with everything going on with COVID and the new Omicron variant that has arrived. For the safety of players, staff, and fans…it would be wise to help slow the spread of the virus. Also, I think the players need to skip going to the Olympics this year with everything going on with COVID still being dominate and in particular the quarantine rules that have been put into place over in China. Players that test positive for COVID could be stuck over there for potentially a month and no medal is worth that. I know the dream of playing in the Olympics, representing your country, and trying to win a gold medal has so much meaning to players. However, it’s not worth their health, safety, and the hassle of being stuck over there and then it impacts their teams and the current season that’s already ongoing. When things are safe, by all means return to the Olympics. Let’s all stay safe and healthy…stay tuned Seattle for whatever comes up next and Happy Holidays!

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