Kraken Weekly: Positive Vibes Maintained

After having a great week beating very good teams, the Seattle Kraken kept that momentum going this week as well. This week we saw the Kraken play twice on the road against the Buffalo Sabres, and the Detroit Red Wings. Then on Friday evening, they returned home to take on Pacific Division rivals in the Edmonton Oilers. Seattle won two out of the three games beating the Sabres and Oilers, and got a point in a shootout loss to the Red Wings. Let’s take a look back at the week that was and my thoughts on how things are going for the team:

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Kraken get 4th win in 5 games, win in Buffalo

Shootout loss in the Motor City @ Red Wings (12/1/21)

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Close win at home vs the Oilers (12/3/21)

How’s it Kraken? My thoughts on the week:

The Seattle Kraken kept up the momentum from the week before when they beat really good teams like the Capitals, Hurricanes, and the Panthers . Those wins have given the team a new sense of confidence and a recognition of what the team identity is supposed to be this season. As I said last week, that identity they discovered is a defense first philosophy. The results are showing that they are creating more offense by playing very well in the own defensive end and causing turnovers to take the puck the other way and score.

Goaltending has started to step it up to with their play as well to go along with the forwards and defenseman. It seems like number one goalie Philipp Grubauer is regaining his confidence which the Kraken need if they want to climb out of the hole they dug themselves in for a bit. Slowly but surely, the Kraken are starting to get back in the playoff race as they’ve won 5 of their last 7 games and picking up a point in a shootout loss to Detroit. If the Kraken can keep this up by playing defense first and making teams pay by letting them make the mistakes, they very well could put themselves in position for one of the Wild Card spots. Next week, the Kraken continue their four game home stand as they welcome in the Pittsburgh Penguins, Winnipeg Jets, and Columbus Blue Jackets. Let’s see what happens this coming week…stay tuned Seattle!

Next Week’s schedule

12/6/21: Seattle Kraken vs Pittsburgh Penguins, 10:00pm EST/ 7pm PST

12/9/21: Seattle Kraken vs Winnipeg Jets, 10:00pm EST/ 7pm PST

12/11/21: Seattle Kraken vs Columbus Blue Jackets, 10:00pm EST/ 7pm PST

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